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Thread: VIR $10 Entry Fee - REALLY?

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    VIR $10 Entry Fee - REALLY?

    On the way back from Greensboro,NC,I decided that I'd
    finally get over to see VIR (Virginia International Raceway)
    to get an idea of the layout.When I got to the gate (3 PM),
    I was told that there's a $10 entry fee.I've been to Sears -
    Point Raceway,& only had to sign a release to get in.
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    Re: VIR $10 Entry Fee - REALLY?

    Over the years they have handled things in various ways. When there have been "spectator events" they would charge $20 or $30. Club days typically had no charge... but you might have to be a member to get in. For some races (SVRA or VDCA) they weren't expecting spectators. You might get in for free or they might charge $20. It seemed to depend on the will of the guys at the gate and how close it was to the end of the event.

    If they were only going to charge you $10... that's great! If you spend the day there you will spend more than that on drinks and food.
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