Morgan Folding Windshield Posts, Original 1960s-70s “Small Quadrant” Style, Excellent Chrome $600
This is a very, very rare original pair of accessory folding windshield posts for the 1960s-1970s Morgan 4/4 and +4 cars that have the slotted lower mounts for bolting on the upper posts. Excellent chrome.

What makes these very rare and worth having is that they’re the original folding windscreen post design (sold in the 1960s-early 1970s era) with the small quadrant (+/- 2") for the locking knob. All the later folding windscreen posts have a much larger quadrant design, which looks bulky and truly ungraceful on a Morgan. Why live with the bulky design if you don’t have to?

These are rare enough that you might not see a set for sale again. $600 + shipping from Cambria, California. Best contact method is by message on this website. Send message if you would like more photos.