I am looking for a BN1 or BN2 chassis with title preferably without a drive train or a nasty boy. (I have a complete drive train already)

Must have:
Title (or the ability to get one)
Body tag and/or VIN tag (Or at least the VIN number)

Would be nice to have:
Instruments, Dash, Shrouds, Fenders, Other Accessories, etc.

As I already have a complete drive train I am looking for a car that I can save by putting it back to original specification, so a Nasty Boy conversion would work perfectly. A rusty example could be acceptable if it otherwise meets my simple requirements (see above) Obviously the more complete the car the better, but I will not pick nits.

Before you ask, No, I am not interested in selling any of my drive train components.

Please contact me through a post here, or by e-mail at: dan_j_marshall@msn if you have or know of an example that may be of interest.

Dan M.