Spent four days in Vermont. Attended a car show in Waterbury. Over 100 cars - about 40 makes represented. I'd say 90% were American, mostly from the 1920s-1950s. Many Model A's, a couple of T's - the kind of cars you'd expect to find in Vermont. Only a few LBCs - one widemouth TR3, 2 TR6's, 2 big Healeys, an immaculate MGB GT, a Triumph Herald, a Jag XJS, a Rover 100, a few Rolls Royces from the 1920s, a Tatra, a few hotrods and beat-up stock cars, two Pierce Arrows, 2 Locomobiles, one Avanti and a slew of American iron. Flea market there attracted a horde of bearded fat guys, mountain men, some carrying parts. It rained hard twice. My friend Herb can hardly walk and his son rented a small scooter. Worked ok until the battery died and we had to push Herb - who weighs almost 280 lbs. His son has a track car that he races - an old Miata with a rollbar. Lives on a mountainside at the end of a dirt road with a magnificent view. I'll try to post some pictures.