Canadian Blood Services have revised some rules and allow beverages and snacks for donations that take time (e.g. plasma and platelets) and the chairs you occupy now have a portable/temporary cup holder available (kindly look up 'Couchcoaster'). The cupholder I've been seeing down there doesn't have a brand name but seems to be built of a couple of parts.
What I'm actually looking for is something that I could remove the cupholder component from, and attach a small cube like construction radio on, face up. The 'holder' would ideally drape over the Spridget driveshaft tunnel and keep the radio in position, and could be easily removed. Perhaps I'd also be able to hear it, with the speaker by my side.
I'd originally thought of some sort of 'sandbag' that I could bolt the radio to and drop onto the tunnel, but haven't progressed beyond the 'thought' stage.
Any other suggestions? Thanks, Doug