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Hey New Members! This New Member Introduction Forum is where you can post an introduction message to introduce yourself to the group here!

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    hey there. proud owner of a 62 TR3b, my father's first car. He sadly passed away but I've been able to carry on the legacy of this crazy little car which hopefully, lord willing, will be going to my daughters in my advanced age.

    currently working on the following projects (and HELP!!!!):

    a.) spin-on oil adapter
    b.) generator to alternator
    c.) electric fan and/or alu radiator update
    d.) electric ignition and starter motor updates

    long and short: car is running but not optimally. I have a lot to learn and i'm grateful to be here.



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    Re: intro

    Wow! Kind of tackling a lot at one time, aren't you? Well, welcome to the asylum and all that.

    It would be best if you created separate topics over in the Triumphs forum, with any specific questions you have. I've been through all of those (except I opted to have the original radiator recored rather than going aluminum). Threw the electronic ignition back into the box; IMO points have a better chance of getting you home every single time (and I hate having to wait on a flatbed).

    These cars are designed to have a lot of maintenance; I'd say well over half the problems are caused by not doing the maintenance. Not having to maintain the points only eliminates one step of many (including removing the distributor cap and rotor to put a drop of oil under the rotor).

    Here's a modest collection of documents that you might find helpful. I particularly recommend "Practical Hints" 6th ed, as it's the factory owner's manual for your car and covers a lot of little changes that were never documented in the workshop manual.

    Couple other things (just my personal opinion, not necessarily those of this website or it's owner):

    1) It would be nice if you could add your car's particulars to your signature. You don't have to give the full commission number if you don't want to, but at least the letters in front would help. There are several differences between TSF and TCF, for example, and I find it impossible for me to remember which cars people are working on without being reminded.

    2) Also nice if you would pick a more friendly handle than 'D'. Doesn't have to bear any resemblance to your real name of course.

    FWIW, I really like the little Denso alternator I used this time. Much better fit than the bigger Ford or GM units, IMO.

    56 TR3 TS13571L once and future daily driver
    71 Stag LE1473L waiting engine rebuild
    71-72-73 Stag LE2013LBW waiting OD gearbox rebuild


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