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Thread: Healey route 66 bucket list

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    Red face Healey route 66 bucket list

    Hi all,
    My name is Mark, I have owned a few bugeyes in the past and still have one now. We are Aussie's from 1 hour north of Sydney and
    last year 2018, my wife and I got to do one of my bucket list things and drive an Austin Healey 3000 across route 66.
    Well almost. We started in Fairfield CA not Santa Monica.
    My brother Lew (to whom I owe a great deal for his effort in finding this car) lives in Hawthorn Woods Illinois, He flew to CA to look a few cars and we settled on the red 3000 MkIII in Fairfield CA.
    So we arrive in mid August 2018 and drove to San Francisco in a hire car along with my wifes sister and husband. Finally we got the car and our adventure began. Day 1 was hot around 100F and the Healey didn't like the slow traffic so constantly reached 212+ on the guage. But credit to these old solid engines it never blew a gasket or a hose just keep on going and going. 2nd day was Fresno to Bakersfield.
    One the 3rd day of our adventure we drove from Bakersfield to Barstow and the heat had got to my wife Annie so she jumped into the hire car leaving me in the Healey with 3 bottles of water and no AC of course. Well we got separated and then I reliase that Annie had the cell phone and I was on my own.
    3 hours later I arrive in Barstow, very hot and a hot car too. Then I remembered that I had a business card from T mobile with our American number on it.
    So I was in Barstow and Annie, her sister and my brother in law were still in Bakersfield at the police station reporting me as a missing person.
    After that day Annie always joined me in the Healey regardless of the heat.

    I would just say that our route 66 trip was great fun, wrong time of the year for sure, but still a great adventure and the Austin was magnificent only needing a coil high tension lead replaced. We used only 2 pints of oil in 3000 miles mostly running hot. The plan was to bring the car back to Australia and then sell it to pay for our trip.
    When the car arrived and I took it to our local Austin Healey restorer (see this link He said to me that it was the best example of a original Austin Healey unrestored condition he had ever seen in 30 years of business as a Healey restorer......."Don't let it out of your sight" was his instruction. So we keep it and I am glad too as we now know it was one of 25 Golden beige metallic cars sold in California in 66-67. Its now red and as some of you may know 210 of the 553 Gold cars were painted red under warranty due to poor metallic paints of that time. I am still looking into this to see if I have one of those 210 red cars.
    Happy Healing
    Mark 2

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    Re: Healey route 66 bucket list

    Hi Mark - welcome to BCF.

    That is quite a story! and thanks for the Hemmings link. I hear you on the summer heat problem, but you sure chose a good route to follow. "Get your kicks on Route 66"?

    In my signature line, you'll see a link to my own cross-USA trip. Not an AH, but a 1960 Mercedes-Benz. An adventure for sure.

    Good to have you with us.
    Tom M.
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    Current: 1953 MG TD27318.

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    Re: Healey route 66 bucket list

    Hi Mark,

    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a great trip, but we need pictures! I know they repainted some of the MGB cars under warranty, but 210 of them sounds high.

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    Re: Healey route 66 bucket list

    Welcome to the British Car Forum. That’s a great adventure you were on.
    I would love to take my TR6 on a similar ride on the Great Ocean Road.
    Start in Geelong and follow the setting sun!
    Post some pics of your car.
    Central PA
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