It was about 95 degrees today,& it's supposed to be in the
mid/high 90's the rest of the week. Yesterday,our A/c quit working.
Turned out to be the capacitor on the furnace.Part cost $219 (+).
The tech told me that the capacitor ($222) is slowly going on
the A/C unit,& the R422b freon will need to be recharged ($1300!).
He also told us that a new A/C /furnace is about $7500.
Then there's the Dodge Dakota I recently bought.I've put close
to what I paid for it,so hopefully nothing else will be needed for a while.
We also received a small inheritance from my Mother,but hate to
see it go to just pay off bills.It'd be nice to put it away into savings instead.

Does anyone know what the taxes are on an inheritance?