I recently worked an event where we displayed the new Porsche 991.2 Speedster to the US Porsche Premiere Dealers.
The car was uber cool, the first modern, open-air GT car Porsche has produced! Porsche will produce 1,948 speedsters, not sure where they got that number. The engine is the 4.0L normally aspirated flat six from the GT3 Touring with individual throttle bodies from the GT3 racecar. 9,000 rpm redline with 502hp at 8,400 rpms and 346 ft lb torque at 6,250 rpms. 0-60 mph in 3.8 sec with a 192 mph top speed. 6 spd manual only. Weight savings through no hydraulics for the top, fabric door pulls, carbon fiber front fenders and hood, and the rear carbon fiber cover weighs only 22 lbs. The car was designed as a touring car versus a track oriented car.
The car shown had the Porsche Heritage livery similar to an earlier 356 Speedster. The model designators are gold with original-style Porsche crests and a special interior and decals.
The model shown had a base price of $274K plus options of $25K.
I only got to drive it about a mile at less than 45 mph and they wouldn’t let me take it home for the weekend – go figure.