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Thread: Brake Pad Recommendations

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    Brake Pad Recommendations

    Anybody have any experience, good or bad, with Moss' Gold-series semi-metallic or ceramic brake pads? I'm thinking of replacing my pads with an "upgrade." Any other pad recommendations?
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    Re: Brake Pad Recommendations

    I've no experience with the Moss product; but I heartily recommend the "Kevlar" pads and shoes sold by Ted Schumacher (TSi).

    Unlike some other "performance" materials, they offer excellent performance when cold as well as hot. Seem to be reasonably gentle on rotors (some materials wear rotors almost as quick as pads), and generate only a moderate amount of dust. (Not none at all, but less than EBC 'Greenstuff')

    And while I'm sure there is a limit, I've never experienced brake fade with them, even driving pretty hard (or 1st in class at the VTR autocross).

    My only complaint (which isn't really the pads fault at all) is that if I get startled and jab the pedal hard, it's easy to lock up the front tires. But they're easy to modulate, as long as the driver doesn't panic.

    BTW, using the "braided stainless steel" lines (also from Ted) will reduce pedal travel and improve feel. Also a worthwhile improvement IMO; especially if you run DOT 5 brake fluid.
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