So, was watching Wheeler Dealers the other day and they were repairing a Volvo 544. braking power was an issue and Mike Brewer wanted Edd to do a disc brake conversion. Instead he put uprated pads on the drum brakes. IIRC standard pads have a braking coefficient of <2 (whatever 2 is - unicorns or something) the pads he put on had a braking coefficient of 4 - so, about 2 1/2 times the braking power. Interestingly he demonstrated this by dragging the pads across the work bench and the one was harder to slide.

Of course I have no idea of the brand, but, does this ring a bell for anyone? Are these pads readily available? Are they customizable?

According to the show Mike didn't realize they weren't discs when he hit the brakes on the final drive.

Yes, I know it is TV, but, it seems like this could be a good and cheaper alternative to a disc brake swap for early car owners and, in my case, the Austin 7 is apparently notoriously under braked.

does this ring a bell for anyone?