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Thread: SU carbs AUD9124 on a Jaguar ?

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    SU carbs AUD9124 on a Jaguar ?

    I have a Healey 100-4 with two SU H6 1 3/4inch carbs fitted.
    The carbs have C6 stamped on the mounting flange, and the number AUD9124 hand etched on the side of the carb bodies.
    The guy that fitted them to the car back in the 1960s said he thought he got them off a wrecked Jaguar !
    I am interested to know what model of Jag they might have come, if the story is true.
    Does anyone know ??

    Extra Info: Originally when I got the car, these carbs had a small copper pipe going from a small hole underneath next to the butterfly, then going up to a Tee piece on top of the float bowl. I think the idea of them was as an enrichening device feeding a bit of vacuum to the top of the float bowl to change fuel level ! Did any Jags use such a device ?

    Des // New Zealand
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    Re: SU carbs AUD9124 on a Jaguar ?

    I have H6 1 3/4s on my 3.4 MK1.
    Larry K
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