For a third year, I've had the opportunity to work a Porsche driving event associated with the Ameilia Island Concours. Timing worked out for me to attend Cars & Coffee on Saturday morning. Attached are pictures of most of the British cars in attendance. I just hit the limit of 15 pictures per post, so, I'll add a couple more posts. Next time, I'll put them somewhere and embed a URL.

2019-03-09 10.04.56.jpg2019-03-09 10.05.04.jpg2019-03-09 10.07.07.jpg2019-03-09 10.20.26.jpg2019-03-09 10.21.41.jpg2019-03-09 10.41.19.jpg2019-03-09 10.41.47.jpg2019-03-09 10.41.58.jpg2019-03-09 10.42.12.jpg2019-03-09 10.42.49.jpg2019-03-09 10.43.26.jpg2019-03-09 10.44.53.jpg2019-03-09 10.46.25.jpg2019-03-09 10.46.53.jpg2019-03-09 10.47.16.jpg