The 2019 "Austin-Healey Originality Guide for Restoration and Registry Inspections" (aka "the Guidelines") is available for distribution.

For the 2019 Guidelines we have added over 180 photographs which greatly clarify the text. We feel this was very successful and we will continue to add more for the 2020 edition. The "Policies for Concours Inspections" and score sheets have also been updated along with an update to Supplement #13, Owners Handbooks.

All told, we now offer over 600 pages of information on how Austin-Healeys were originally built and how they will be inspected. It also includes 13 supplements that go into more detail on specific subjects beyond the general text of the Guidelines.

Copies are available from Mike Osipik:

Just drop Mike an email and he’ll let you know what information he needs to assure you get the correct version for your Healey.

Downloads via DropBox are $25 and a mailed CD is $35. This is a bargain, and if you have not received them in the last several years, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for your consideration,

Randy Hicks
Chairman, Austin-Healey Concours Committee

Moderator comment:

There is a wealth of information in these publications and the answers to many, many questions that routinely come up during restoration and repairs, even when the object is far from a "concours restoration." At the nominal price of $25 is it a screaming bargain, representing the results of decades of careful research.

I encourage anyone with an interest in Austin-Healeys, and particularly anyone doing restoration or significant repairs, to invest in these publications. If nothing else, possessing these publications will give you some credibility when you complain about "concourse" [sic], and after a careful reading there's even a chance you'll notice that there is no letter "e" on the end of the word concours - that alone is worth the measly $25!