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Thread: New to this forum!

Hey New Members! This New Member Introduction Forum is where you can post an introduction message to introduce yourself to the group here!

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    New to this forum!

    I'm usually an American Musclecar guy, but have just begun restoration on a couple of old Triumph TR3s. I love old cars in general, and am looking forward to beginning work on these, as there will be much new territory to cover as my first British project. Currently trying to gather information, find parts sources and decide which of the two cars to start with.
    One is mostly complete and came with a freshly rebuilt engine. Think the paint Will clean up nicely. The other one is missing some parts and has some minor body damage but both have solid rust-free floors, which is impressive here in Florida.


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    Re: New to this forum!

    Welcome Richard! Sounds like you have a couple of real gems there! You will find we have a very active Triumph forum here so you'll likely get all the help you need.
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    Re: New to this forum!

    Hi Richard, welcome to the asylum!

    The "big 3" parts vendors in the US are The Roadster Factory, Moss and Victoria British. Lots of smaller ones too, but those are the big boys.

    TRF is a bit odd to deal with; they don't actually publish a full line catalog of what they carry for TR3. You need to get a copy of the factory parts catalog, look up the factory part number in that, then try to order that number from TRF. In spite of that, though, they have a reputation for providing the best reproduction parts available.
    Here's a copy of the SPC (you can also buy a printed version from TRF)
    and the database search function at TRF

    Moss has their own catalog, which in some ways is easier to use than the factory catalog. But they also use their own part numbers, and aren't exactly forthcoming about specifications (like thread pitch and such).

    VB is a distant third in my opinion. They often have the best prices, but sometimes the reasons for that show through in poor quality, poor service and so on. The last piece I got from them was so bad that I couldn't even mount it on the car, to measure how to alter it to fit!

    Here's some other documents you might like to browse through. Not all related to TR3, but some are.
    I suggest that you download whatever you are interested in; but check back from time to time as I do try to improve them when the fit strikes me. And please let me know if you find any problems, missing pages or information you feel should be included, etc.
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