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Thread: advice on a 3 brush generator please C45N-3

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    advice on a 3 brush generator please C45N-3

    I was having charging problems on my 1936 Morris 8. This car has a cut out, not a regulator. I ended up taking the generator to a local shop and they took it apart, checked everything, put it back together and tested it. Said it produced 8amps, which is all it will put out. The three brush unit works a little differently than a 2 brush. The third brush is adjustable to raise or lower the voltage.
    So far after reinstallation and cleaning of the contacts in the cutout, it appears to work. IE: the lights get brighter. But I cannot measure any voltage change at the battery. Battery sticks at 6.1 V. Digital voltmeters give an error message that once the generator is working the fluctuation is too fast for the multimeter to pick it up.

    I only have about 20 miles on the car in short trips. I want the generator to function so I can try some longer drives. Is the voltage at the battery normal for a 3 brush? any other hints?
    generator C45N-3
    cut out CFR2

    I just found a good description of the 3 brush and connections on a tractor website:
    Based on this information, I am thinking that the warning light may not have enough resistance. ???
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