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    Re: Hello!

    Greetings fellow enthusiasts.

    My name is Ron and my family (dad) and I have two TR3As, a 1960 and a 1961.

    My Dad is, I believe, the second owner of his 61, which he bought some 50 or so years ago. I have always loved that car and have fond memories of it through my earliest childhood. The car even accompanied us to Japan in the late 70s. Life of course happens, and his TR fell into disuse, and soon it became difficult to even remember the last time it was run. During that time my folks finally finished all of their projects and settled down to enjoy their retirement. Dad finally built the garage he'd always wanted (minus the paint booth) and started to renovate restore his beloved TR.

    I got excited looking forward to working on it with him, and started scouring ebay looking for stuff for him. Then I got the bug and started checking out TR6s that might be great for my first project, maybe something that my meager abilities wouldn't be too taxed by.

    We lost that TR6, but found what I thought was a basket case TR3 going cheap. Great parts car I thought.

    We were pleasantly surprised. That TR3 was in the process of a full off body restore when the owner suddenly passed. There are a few challenges left (getting the tub bolted back on straight, front wings need work, engine looks good, but is an unknown). Some of the cool stuff: Full interior kit still in packages, frame, running gear, brakes and suspension already done, and 90% of the body work done. Boxes and tubs of parts waiting to be installed. Dashboard looks incredible (center panel could use some wrinkle paint and dust off the glass and it'll be good. I might spring for a new wiring harness though. The original is hanging from the dashboard, looks okay, but why take the chance.

    Well, that's where we are at. The front and rear ends of the tub got separated from each other so they will need to be re aligned. everything else on the tub has been primed. Doors and boot look untouched and pristine. May be original, or just some awesome spares the PO found. I am already thinking paint colors, but not just yet. Goal is by Aug 2019.

    Famous last words I am sure.



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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to BFC - a great journey ahead!
    “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” - Oscar Wilde

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    Re: Hello!

    Hello Ron

    Welcome to the forum

    You will find that the triumph section is very active and you are sure to get plenty of tips, help and advice for your project.

    You should post that in the Triumph section. I got my TR3A in similar condition, body off the frame but the sills ad floor were welded i badly. I think that your first task is to verify the frame is straight and true if you want the car to be straight. There are diagrams and instructions in the hand book for checking the frame.

    TR3A TS75524L

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