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Thread: New to engine building - gaskets

Discuss the Austin Healey Sprite and the MG Midget. Two different but similar cars sometimes referred to collectively as the Spridget.

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    New to engine building - gaskets

    rebuilding my 1098 and can't determine which gaskets require sealer or gasket maker and which do not.
    Used sealer on both sides to attach backplate gasket to block. used no sealer to install head gasket.
    used light silicone (red) gasket sealer (both sides) to attach water pump and gasket to block...

    Does one use gasket sealer on the cork gasket for the thermostat housing ? how about the cork gasket for the valve cover gasket ? both sides?
    sealer for the rubber gaskets for the lifter vault covers? Do you use gasket sealer on the oil pan gasket?

    book I have on engine building assumes one knows all this - why, I don't know....

    I have read some of the threads that argue the merits (or lack thereof) of silicone based gasket sealers/makers there fore I use it sparingly but the gasket tack doesn't seem like enough in most applications.
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    Re: New to engine building - gaskets

    I use permatex grey on the valve cover gasket (only the tin cover side) & both side's of the thermostat gasket, simply because every other configuration has always ended in a leak at the thermostat housing ha ha (yes its a bastard to break loose later on), I haven't had to do an oil pan gasket but I would probably do the same thing I do for the rocker cover (tin can side only).
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    Re: New to engine building - gaskets

    I always put a dab of the Permatex grey or black where the pan gasket meets the cork that goes around the bearing housing. I add a dab on both sides if the pan gasket right at the junction. This area is prone to leaking.
    A light coat on Permatex grey on the pan gasket and on the timing chain cover gasket has never hurt anything. The timing cover tends to leak at the bottom. They are getting old and were probably overtightened at one time and warped a little so some additional sealer helps.
    The grey and black are similar except for temp rating.
    I also generally "glue" the valve cover gasket to cover with gasket cement. It keeps it from sliding around when you tighten it
    I always use a coat of spray copper on the head gasket (Napa makes a good one) but this is just a personal preference, dry also works fine.
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