San Gabriel Breakfast Drive
Date/Time: 11/10/2018, 8:00 am -> Noon
Location: Ralphs Parking Lot, 10455 Sunland Blvd, Los Angeles CA 91040
Categories: Canyon Carving

We love driving and we love breakfast, but this is the first time we thought to combine the two.

We値l meet at the usual spot in the Ralphs parking lot off Sunland in Tujunga,
then drive to a breakfast stop in Newcombs. We値l eat, we値l have our monthly club meeting and we値l follow it up with some furious coffee fueled miles of twisty roads and maybe even a furious coffee fueled emergency bathroom break.

Please sign up so we can keep a rough head count.

The official Lotus Club event registration is here - San Gabriel Breakfast Drive

Note that these events are for both members and non-members, so come on out!!

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