Go Kart Racing
Date/Time: 08/04/2018, 10:00 am -> 12:30 am
Location: K1 Speed Torrance, 19038 S Vermont Ave - Gardena
Categories: Social

You practically drive a street legal go kart anyway, so come on out to Gardena and show off your skills at K1 Speed.
Join other Lotus Club members, friends of Lotus Club members, people who donít like the Lotus Club but inexplicably want to come go karting with us, Lexus Club members who canít spell and donít pay attention to the website theyíre on, and all others for a few hot electric laps.

Weíll meet at 10 am and you can sign up for a two race package for $38 or a 3 race package for $48. After racing is over and a winner is crowned, weíll head to some local lunch spot for a bite, bit of post-race discussion, and likely some bragging.

Please sign up so we can keep a rough head count.

The official Lotus Club event registration is here - Go Kart Racing

Note that these events are for both members and non-members, so come on out!!

Have an event in mind but donít see it? Feel free to contact us and make a suggestion . . . even better if you want to help with the planning!