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Thread: Convert your 4 cyl to a V6

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    Convert your 4 cyl to a V6

    If your 4 is down and out and need replacing, or your just want a bit more reliable power and modern accessories,try what I did with some of my Sunbeam Alpines.

    I started with a complete restoration project, even placed my '67 SV ST on a rotisserie for better access to all areas. It was a basic rust free Alpine to start. After a complete rebuild of everything with POR 15. Dynamat and LizardSkin every where possible for rust prevention, sounds deadening, and reduction in heat problems inside the cockpit. I included an A/C unit from Vintage Air that had the heat and air combo. I then removed the stock heater core and the huge fan for a huge space savings.

    After running the 1725 for a few years, A friend wanted the engine and I sold! Being that I had a nice 2.8 V6 sitting in the shop that have a bunch done to it including the 390 Holley Carb on a Ofy 4 BBL intake. The engine was scheduled for for my '65 SIV BW35 GT, but as things go I was behind getting the GT ready for the V6.... That is another story in itself

    During the conversion I discovered the kit I had bought was not to my liking. Having to stop and rethink, I decided upon making my own headers that would run straight bock like the Tiger system..... That took me three years to complete. All the while other items need designing too. Engine mounts, tranny brackets for the different Alpine transmissions and what a swap would entail. numerous other items to make the conversion a better mouse trap

    My '67 SV Alpine is equipped with the FORD 2.8 V6 engine from a Mustang II ('77), mated to a '97 Mustang T5 transmission. A hot street cam (not a race cam) from COMP cam that performs very nicely. I discovered a Gent that is considered the 60 degree Ford Engine GURU for the V6's, Seven Pruitt. He published a book on "how to build the V6" years ago. Very expensive now but a very detailed one that can enhance your V6 and not have to build it as a Race engine, Just a very nice street machine!

    If you are interested in reading further of my designs and recommendations for converting an Alpine to the V6 GOTO:

    I have lots of pictures available for the asking, just send me an e-mail.

    I've included a few PIC's that might be of interest. I recommend you modify the 2.8 head to take the Ranger and Bronco II 2.9 valves allowing the little V6 to breathe like it should. In addition to that you will see four small holes between the chambers, they are 1/8" pilots to be enlarged for the water passages between the exhaust valves, better cooling of the early heads.

    Enjoy and Keep'em-on-the-Road,
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