Was misled as to the actual value of this beacuse of a (fairly popular) eBay listing for an incomplete MGB engine for $2000. I am asking $1400 for everything.

Doign a rotary swap (hence the RXB-GT) on my 1974 (originally rubber bumper) MGB GT and have the old engine + transmission up for sale. ~86 000 original miles on odometer, non-overdrive. I have had a minor issue with the carbs where it would stutter a bit under load but my knowledge of carburetors is limited and is probably something trivial. Email/text me if you want pictures of a specific part of it. Please don't PM/eBay message , text 505-459-0747. Calling is not preferred as I will likely not be able to answer, but leave your name & number and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. **If you can [ick it up locally I'll take $200 off. Located in Albuquerque, NM**

Included with the engine is practically everything you need to drop it in:
Exhaust manifold
- the rearmost bolt edge was torn off which will prevent full sealing
Intake manifold
Original SU HIF4 twin carburetors
Coil + distributor
Water pump, thermostat and fan
Oil cooler + lines
Not included is the heater core, driveshaft, and water temp sensor

Asking $1400, but offer me something reasonable

I also have for sale:
Full exhaust system
Center console w/ aftermarket drink holder
Various engine stuff: wires, lines, etc
- text me for prices and pictures