I am in the process of changing my BJ8 from positive to negative ground. I have changed the fuel pump (electronic) and the points (Pertronix) and installed the new alternator. I will attack the Tach issue later. So my question is on the wiring of the alternator. I have the diagram that came with the kit from Moss. I have looked at the video that Moss has on its website. I am still confused. I have 2 wires coming from the alternator... the "D" wire which is a large wire and the "F" wire which is a small wire. I have traced them and they both go directly to the voltage regulator and are attached to the tabs marked "D" and "F". On the voltage regulator I have the following tabs "E" (for earth or ground), "D" (for Dynamo), WL (for warning light?), "F" (for field) and 2 tabs marked "B" (don't have a clue what the B stands for) with 3 heavy brown wires going to them. From what I have read and have seen on the video I am pretty sure that the "D" wire needs to be tied to the 3 "B" wires. I assume that the "F" wire and the "WL" wire need to be tired together. And then I am done. Is that correct? Am I missing something? As always any help is greatly appreciated.

'65 BJ8