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Thread: Self Conscious?

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    Self Conscious?

    During World War 1 a soldier was hit by a piece of shrapnel and unfortunately it knocked out one of his eyes.
    After recovering, he was very self conscious about his missing eye, so his buddies carved him a false eye out of wood.
    It worked all right but he was still very self conscious about it.
    Some time later, he and his buddies were sent to the rear for some rest and one of his buddies noticed there was going to be a dance in town that night.
    Although he didn't want to go, his friends talked him into going.

    At the dance, he noticed a girl sitting across the room, an obvious victim of the war because she had a wooden leg.
    He got to thinking, "Well, I've got a wooden eye, and she has a wooden leg. Having something in common... Perhaps we can enjoy each others company."
    Walking over to the girl, the soldier asks "Would you like to dance?"
    The girl says "Would I? Would I?!!!!" to which he says
    "Peg Leg!, Peg Leg!"
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    Re: Self Conscious?

    Even though I've heard that before, I laughed out loud!

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