I've been wanting to start a new restoration on something and was thinking about TVR'S I found two cars locally that may be for sale buy the same owner. One is a 64 Grantura with a MG engine, and the other is a 74 2500. The 2500 looks like a car that could be enjoyed with a couple weekends worth of work. The Grantura is in worse shape but looks complete. Both cars are original AZ cars so I'm hoping for minimal frame rust. Prices for the Grantura's seem the be all over the board with some close to $40000.00. As for condition of the cars I would say the Grantura is a 4 and the 2500 a 3. I've looked at Bring a Trailer for pricing but was hoping someone here could advise, and what should I look for in problem areas. At this time I don't have pictures.