Hi Guys and Gals, my name is Mark Clapp. I'm an individual and live near Kansas City, Missouri U.S.A. I make headlight covers for the E-type S1 cars. The plastic is crack proof and crystal clear with a terrific luster that looks more like glass than plastic. I make them in the OE size as a direct drop-in replacement to use with the trim rings. The plastic is pliable and forms to the body, so getting the trim rings to seat all around is a very short job. I also make them in "competition" size to fully fill the recessed mounting flange and eliminate the trim rings for a nice weight savings. I'm asking $70 USD/pair and the shipping is covered with $20 within the U.S.A. or $30 to overseas. I also make light covers for C-types, D-types (both short and long nose), and E-type light weight racers. Please email me at: mclapp5526@gmail.com with any questions and feel free to call anytime at 816-286-6982 to talk about the light covers.
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