Hello, Everyone,

We are putting on a special event for new people interested in rallying on April 30. This one is a very easy introduction to basic Monte Carlo events with an added bonus. We will visit some movie sets made famous by Hollywood productions. One has special significance for Quinten Tarantino fans.

Registration opens at eleven am at the TA Travel Center (West) in Ontario, California, off I-10 at South Miliken Avenue. First car out is 2:01 pm. Total length of the event is less than 200 miles and 6 hours. All cars are welcome. People have won our events in pickup trucks and Smartcars, although MG's and other sports cars are favorites.

We'll cover a wide variety of terrain and roads, from high chaparral to desert red rock, from Joshua trees to ponderosa pines, from river valleys to mountain vistas and see some wide open desert scenery. Our rallies are all about the fun of the open road and getting to checkpoints on time. These events are on paved public roads and there is no need for high speeds. The directions are very easy to follow, just like Google maps. You just need to bring a friend to read them and a watch of any type.

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