One of Bugsy II's 1/4 Ell2015 26 15 Spring IMG_1233.jpg2015 26 15 Spring IMG_1235.jpg2015 12 26 Spring IMG_1232.JPG2015 26 15 Spring IMG_1237.jpgiptics came out without a struggle from the Spring Box, everything is clean as a whistle. The PS on the other hand is a pig that I needed to drill out to extricate. I marinated in Evaporust for the past 4 days and pulled it out and placed in my trusty vice. A couple of sharp blows with my 5 lb sledge and a punch allowed me to remove/punch out the centering bolt fairly easily. Now I need to remove the two rear Spring Bolts. I needed to drill out the centers to remove the head of the bolt. Now I need some advice as how to get these the rest of the way apart and save the spring. The springs are usable and can be cleaned up if I can get this basta_d apart. Advice guys.

Have Drill press with machinist vice and could drill out but I fear I could end up drilling off center as I get through the stack. Other thought was getting the other end apart and somehow wedging spring apart from the two bolts that are rusted in place. Need some cogitation on next steps. Here are a few pics.

If I get my Dremel with a cutting Blade under the Spring Plate can I cut it and then Drive out the bolts after some more marinating in EvapoRust? Thinking that may be my next step.

Get the leaves apart, Sand, Etch, POR-15 - Black, Graphite Paste between leaves and then bolt back together.

Spring Bushing, Any easy way to extract, marinate the other end of the spring and then hacksaw blade to cut or put in a press.

Kudos again to EvapoRust for helping to get the centering bolt out.