Hi everyone... me again.
Completely hooked everything up.... ready to start. but, slight problem: starter motor won't engage.
I don't think it's the actual motor... it worked perfectly before the engine rebuild. It would be a pretty big coincidence that it happened to break while out of the car.

Couple things I've noticed: I hear a loud clicking noise coming from the "thing" that the starter motor is plugged into. It's the thing just below the voltage regulator... sorry, no clue what its called.
All wires are tight... battery is good, plus I have a battery jumper as well. no worries there.

I have the ground cable connected at the right motor mount and then bolted to the back of the timing chain cover. Is this correct? I think it is... this is where it was before i took the engine out and apart for the rebuild.

I also noticed that the coil is getting red hot... and I mean, i can't keep my hand on it. I don't ever remember this happening before. Which brings me to another question: I have a small wire, bolted onto the "plus" + outlet on top of the coil that goes to the top of the distributor. I also have a wire that bolts onto the minus - spot on top of the coil that appears to go into the wiring harness (no clue where). Is this correct? I think it is.... i just want to make sure.

So.... anyone have any guesses as to why this won't kick the starter motor over? i'm up for anything. after 4 hours of checking all over the place... i'm lost.

thanks everyone! i'm almost there.... it wouldn't have been complete without an electrical issue.