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  1. Re: Why Would Anyone Butcher a Healey with a V8?

    Looks great jlburdge! I'm a fan of modified Healeys, and stock Healeys too! Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Randy Forbes

    Randy has always been such a helpful contributor- I thoroughly enjoy his posts. Best of luck Randy!
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    Re: '57 Healey Jamaican 327...

    Thanks Chris for introducing me to the Healey Jamaican! With that 327, she’s a powerful beast! At first I was extremely intimidated, but after 10 minutes behind the wheel, I was pleasantly surprised...
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    Re: Rig for storing chassis on its side

    hi Richard- hope all is well. I agree with blueskies suggestion above using the strap idea, perhaps strapped into wall studs vs ceiling. In addition, I'd strategically place 3 or 4 old tires (maybe...
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    Re: Collector Car Values (Healey content)

    Good article Bob, thanks for sharing. I guess I'm of the Gen-X generation (born in 1971), and I too like the 80's and 90's cars- basically all the cars I dreamed about in H.S. and College (Porsche...
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    Re: '57 Healey Jamaican 327...

    hi Chris- great Jamaican! I'm in the Phoenix area and once it cools off, would be great to meet up and try to assemble some Arizona Healey enthusiasts!
  7. Re: 100 4 Does anyone recognize this rear main seal mod?

    Thanks all, very helpful. The DW kit instructions weren't quite clear and I want to be very specific with my machinist so he doesn't carve off the wrong metal!
    For anyone who has done this mod on...
  8. Re: 100 4 Does anyone recognize this rear main seal mod?

    hi esa- was searching the forums on a 100-4 rear main seal mod and stumbled across your post. I'm curious if this GM seal modification has worked for you (assuming you got your engine going)? I...
  9. Re: Recommendation for Healey Blue and Old English White Paint few more pics. Sorry again for the orientation...
  10. Re: Recommendation for Healey Blue and Old English White Paint

    hi Bill- attached (if this works) is an image of Cool Vanilla from a 3000 on the rotisserie at Healey Lane Restorations of Marcola, Oregon (John and Robert Wilson). It's a very nice color and looks...
  11. Re: Recommendation for Healey Blue and Old English White Paint

    hi Bill- the OEW color some friends of mine have used who restore a lot of Healeys is actually a color from a Chrysler PT Cruiser- it's called "Cool Vanilla". The brand code is 6211 and the oem code...
  12. Re: Barrett Jackson Auction 62 2 Seater Tri-carb only brings 48k


    Here are a few images from BJ Scottsdale. This BJ8 was restored by John and Robert Wilson of Healey Lane Restoration of you can see their car was beautiful! They...
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    Re: Color change...impact on Value?

    I haven't seen anyone suggest black over pink yet... (hope this picture posts correctly otherwise my comment loses impact!)....
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    Re: Restorer recommendation

    I also give a thumbs-up to John and Robert Wilson of "Healey Lane Restorations" in Marcola, Oregon. Their sole focus is restoring big Healeys. He and his son Robert have been restoring cars for...
  15. Re: AH 100 Best Options for front and rear suspension?

    I agree with Andy- while I haven't bought one of the Putzke kits yet, I spent some time around Udo at the Salt Flats last year as he worked tech for Steve Pike's streamliner record attempt, and he's...
  16. Re: US Championship Winning Healey Coming to Auction

    Cool car Doug. I wonder what it will bring at that venue? And I wonder how long it's been out of commission?
  17. Re: Opinion Wire Wheels Vs. Minilite Style Knock Offs

    hi Rick- yes that's the ex-Syd Segal/ John Gott car known as ABL6, taken in Oregon @2010, when Bill Bolton still owned it. I believe Steve Pike now has it in Australia. I have been in love with...
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    Re: Body & Paint Restoration Shops

    I don't have any experience with shops, but if you decide you want to diy, according to an old book I found, this guy makes it look easy. And all for $40 (according to "Practical Handyman's...
  19. Re: Opinion Wire Wheels Vs. Minilite Style Knock Offs

    I'm partial to minilites as the practical choice, as others have mentioned they are more serviceable on road trips. And they look good too, as demonstrated in this pic of my favorite Healey.

  20. Re: The Healey Streamliner Returns to Bonneville...

    Hi folks. Is anyone here planning to attend the Bonneville events this weekend and witness Steve Pike's streamliner attempt to hit 200mph? My buddy Robert Wilson (Healey Lane Restorations in...
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    Re: Last chance before it becomes a planter

    Hi- I live in Arizona and have a bugeye bonnet which needs some pieces (headlight buckets and mouth surround, and possibly the mounting hinge flange. If you do decide to cut it up and are willing to...
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    Re: Bleeding the bloody brakes again

    hey TH- I'm actually going through the same thing on my bn4. Not sure what model you have, but I've found the drum brake cars to be especially frustrating to remove all the air from the lines. Bench...
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    Re: Vintage Healey Pics

    Wow great pics Reid..I have never seen those 100S images before. The top photo looks like the car was possibly a darker shade of Florida Green, or perhaps the color is distorted and it was repainted...
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    Re: pics of my bt7

    While you're inspecting the brakes- check the condition of the 2 rubber front brake hoses and the one flexible rubber hose above the rear axle. They tend to dry up and crack over time. ...
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    Re: Vintage Healey Pics

    Good pic Dougie- don't think I'd seen that particular image before. Most have probably seen this before, but here's a link to the video of that fateful crash.

    Le Mans 1955
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