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  1. Re: Intake / exhaust manifold gasket install goop?

    I have never used any sort of sealant on the manifold gaskets. Multiple builds and blownb head gaskets on FP car never had any leaks with a dry gasket.
    Lots of copper spray on head gasket though.
  2. Re: 948 Cylinder Block Studs - Sequence on Cylinder Block

    the 4 long studs go through the rocker shaft the 5 short only through the head.
    Easy to see 4 on one side and 5 on other.
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    Re: Master Cylinder Rebuild Help Please

    If my memory is correct, the edges of the two cups face the direction of motion of the piston when you apply the brakes. If that is to the right side of the pic of the shop manual then you got it...
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    Spitfire Re: 20-50 oil says run in car manuel

    20 viscosity when cold 50 when hot
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    Re: Radiators , fans etc

    I used a rabbit diesel radiator in my FP car. They take a but of work to fit but do work very well and are reasonably inexpensive.
    Other guys used standard shape rads with extra rows with no problem
  6. TR4/4A Re: GROSE-JET or Viton-tip for SU HS6 carbs?

    Have gone back and forth on Street car HS2s with Viton and Gross jets and have not found any difference. Gross jets are 20 plus years old and work well. I have an alternate cover set up (fancy AN...
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    Re: Gearbox front cover seal

    I put this seal in the front cover about 20 years ago. I just happen to have a spare in my transmission spares box.
    I cross referenced some seal numbers and bought the seal form CARQUEST.
    The box...
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    Re: Vacuum Line on a 948

    I thought it was the opposite. Threaded end on distributor and rubber connection to carbs. My H1 carbs are in a box somewhere so cannot be sure
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    Re: Carpet going in the bugeye

    What is the paint color??? It looks great
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    Re: Datsun 2000

    The orig 1600 roadster was sesigned to go up against the MGB market. The larger engined 2000 was probably to compete against the TR products in the late 60 and early 1970s.
    The 2000 could be made...
  11. TR2/3/3A Re: When to use R (Rich) needles in my SU's?

    Then why are there so many SU needles, over 100. The needle has to be correct for the specific setup. Dropping the jet may richen the mixture a bit but if it is the wrong needle then the mixture...
  12. TR2/3/3A Re: When to use R (Rich) needles in my SU's?

    Regarding using the adjusting nut to provide a rich or leean mixture, this only applies to the mixture at idle. The SU needle has 10 different taper positions on it and the last 4 positions are what...
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    Re: Exhaust Manifold Flange Stud

    As AJ said, Stud extractor and a lot of penetrating oil, PB Blaster is good. They also make reverse drills for stud extraction
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    Re: Steering Column Installation

    I have one sitting against the wall. May be MKII but the clamp is still on it. The steering wheel end has a small rolled indent about 3 inch from the end. I cannot see a taper on it or the one in...
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    Re: AH 3000 rear disc brake conversion

    My pointr egarding the rear brake conversion is that the drum brakes are probably sufficient and the dollars should be spent on improving the front brakes.
    I am guessing that the fronts do 85-90%...
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    Re: AH 3000 rear disc brake conversion

    Cpnsidering the nose heavy condition upgrading the front is the place to spend your money. The rear brakes probably do not do a lot of the braking. Adding a lot of braking to the rear and not...
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    T-Series Re: Bent Push Rods

    This maybe a dumb question but have you figured out the source of the carbon buildup on the valves that held them open and bent the pushrods??
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    Re: 100 vs 100/6

    A friend of mine has a 100-4 BN1 for sale. Factory installed Lemans Package. Just finished resto on it. second owner
  19. Re: PS Steering Rack Lower Bracket Needed - Some DA over torqued and snapped it in ha

    In the mail. USPS priority.
    I just scrapped the accumulated crud off the pieces so you will need to clean them properly.
    Also, remember that torque specs are with a moving bolt/nut. If static...
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    Re: BJ8 Adjusting valve clearance

    Exactly what glemon said. This is not precision work. There is plenty of leeway on the cam to do the valve adjustment.
    And not to complicate matters, if one set of valves is at overlap, about...
  21. Re: PS Steering Rack Lower Bracket Needed - Some DA over torqued and snapped it in ha

    The bolts are loose, I just need to clean and package them.
    Will put address in package.
  22. Re: PS Steering Rack Lower Bracket Needed - Some DA over torqued and snapped it in ha

    I have both DS and PS brackets (still bolted to my spare rack).
    Cost of shipping. Should fit is USPS Overnight box. Let me know
    I see the spacer in the AK spares catalog, part 46. They call...
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    Re: Intake manifold drain pipes

    Why are we talking about American V8 manifolds. The configuration is nothing like the AH3000. The discussion should be on American straight 6 manifolds and other Britixh cars with straight 4...
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    Re: Grinding when shifting into first

    2 1/2 Pints. Just a little over a quart. Been adding a straight US Quart to trans since forever with no issues.
  25. Re: Spun wheel bearing traced to gasket thickness

    There are several threads on the gasket thickness issue on the Spridget board. Similar bearing/hub design.
    Consensus is the same, current aftermarket paper gaskets are too thick to seal the axle to...
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