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  1. MGB Re: Headlights won't work after full repaint/restoration... what am I missing?

    Remember, you have Lucas Wiring, and if you have an ohm meter, check from one end to the other. IE Switch to headlight connector for continuity etc., and you can check for voltages at these...
  2. Thread: New Help Forum

    by Huggy

    Parked: Re: New Help Forum

    What kind of OS are you using. I have a program that runs on the older ops ie; xp and Vista. It was and still is my favorite photo editor. No bugs, just a factory disc. It's PHOTO DELUXE. You can...
  3. Re: Well, I am honoured this morning - look who wrote me!

    Hey Paul, Love the LOGO. Retired Air Force 1971, with 4 years Navy 1950-54
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