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  1. Re: Rebuilding Tiger window regulator question

    Thanks, for the reply. Saw a different thread, I believe in the triumph forum, where they just put it back together without bothering to wind the spring. Did that and it seems to work fine when out...
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    Re: Intro for new member

    EricG, We will not be going to LaCrosse that weekend, haven't got my father-in-laws Tiger ready for a trip from his house in Milw to LaCrosse yet. My wife and I remember talking to a Tiger owner at...
  3. Rebuilding Tiger window regulator question

    Iím rebuilding the drivers side window regulator on a 66 Tiger. Have the regulator repair kit from Sunbeam Specialties. The question I have is about how the torsion spring in the window crank housing...
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    Intro for new member

    60012My wife and I inherited a 1950 P1 Allard from her uncle which had not run in 30 years. Two years later and a rebuilt flathead V8, a switch to a floor shifter, rebuilt brakes, wiring, etc, etc it...
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