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  1. For Sale Seat Mounting brackets for aftermarket seats

    8 incline seat mounts for Spridgets and other cars with flat floors. Will also work with bugeye Sprites without the use of the cross brace. The brackets come as a set of 4 (two for each seat, plus...
  2. Re: 74 midget owner Rear end questions

    What is a thrust washer on a wheel????

    I think I'll just swap out the entire axle/beam/diff assembly, rather than just the axles. I think it will be much easier switching the brake cable than...
  3. Re: 74 midget owner Rear end questions

    Exactly! :)
  4. 74 midget owner Rear end questions

    First, don't laugh at my screen name, "Buttercup" is a reference to a Whittman Buttercup aircraft designed in the 30s, of which I built (60%) a copy of before I sold it...the name stuck! :)

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