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  1. Re: Recovering Dashboard - Anyone tried this approach?

    I'll admit that I never completed the process but I did it a little different. I used a brush applied 3M adhesive. First I bead blasted the dash, filled any extraneous holes, and sprayed it with...
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    Wanted Re: Bugeye, mk2, Midget mk1 windshield frame


    I've got a bunch of spare stuff including numerous side curtain car windshield frames and side supports in all levels of condition. Obviously, packing and shipping would be a hassle. Hopefully...
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    Re: Removing a Spridget Engine Checklist

    I once removed the engine/gearbox from a '62 Sprite Mk II by myself without a hoist. All it took was a wooden stepladder, two 2x4's screwed together, a piece of chain, and half a sheet of plywood....
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    Re: Bonnet / hood fit question...

    According to some parts catalogs, they are the same part. I'm thinking that the single part they are referring to is a universal replacement that may come with multiple hood prop provisions. etc....
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    Re: Sprite Bonnet Badge 1962 Square Body

    All of my old Sprite bonnets had slotted mounted holes for the winged badge. The tabs fit into the slots and are then secured using clips.
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    Factory Hardtop Restoration Advice

    I've got two standard factory Sprite Mk I hardtops. Both have perfect rear glass but are badly in need of restoration. Not sure if they've ever been painted, but the off-white finish on both is...
  7. Thread: Engine is in!

    by Randyz

    Re: Engine is in!

    Here's my epoxy horror story. In 1995 I had a new garage built. I used the Rustoleum epoxy and purchased it through W.W. Grainger. My garage measures about 490 sq ft. It looked like one bucket would...
  8. Re: Anyone Have Experience with Moto Build Ashley or Speedwell Repro Hardtops?

    No, but I've been watching them on Ebay. I literally spent years trying to get someone in the UK to sell me Sebring bonnets for my two projects. Unfortunately, no one would get me a price to crate...
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    Re: After a long break....

    Welcome back, David. I'm a Spridget guy in Dallas who is about to get serious about building two Bugeyes. I've got a garage full of parts from many cars I've parted out over the years. Let me know if...
  10. Re: 3/4" Bore or 7/8" Bore Master Cylinder For Disc Brakes?

    A little more info. Both cars will be 1275's with ribcase gearboxes. The only reason one car will have a later pedal box is because a previous owner already cut the hole in the foot well for that...
  11. 3/4" Bore or 7/8" Bore Master Cylinder For Disc Brakes?

    I'm confused. I've been around Spridgets for many years and I'm planning to build two Bugeyes with disc brakes. One will use a later pedal box with separate brake and clutch cylinders for a single...
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    Re: Caitlin Drives a Bugeye

    I think I just threw-up in my mouth a little bit. The 'Classic Triumph Spitfire' reminds me of several incidents. I was sitting at a light in my white MGB when I heard a child in the car next to me...
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    Re: Need Advice On Refinishing A Bugeye Hardtop

    Yep, I was going to order from McGregor British Car Parts in Canada. I've heard good things about them. Good luck!
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    Need Advice On Refinishing A Bugeye Hardtop

    Hi guys. I've got two factory hardtops for a pair of cars I'm restoring. Both have good glass and no damage. Obviously all the gaskets will need to be replaced. I know where to get all of that stuff....
  15. Re: Wire wheel hub removal & suspension tear down

    I wouldn't bother trying to remove the lower fulcrum pin. The A-arm is usually stripped out and the fulcrum pin is often seized. You'll probably want to re-bush the swivels, so you'll need to get a...
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    Re: HELP: Identifying Chasiss and Engines

    It's pretty easy to identify these things, if you know what to look for. If both tubs have roll-up windows, they are either Sprite MkIII/Midget MkII (1098) or Sprite MkIV/Midget MkIII (1275). The...
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    Re: Another Ebay trouble child?

    Thanks for the welcome, Jim.

    I'm new to this asylum but not new to LBC's. I've been wasting my time on rusty British cars since 1990. My only currently running LBC is a '62 Midget racer that...
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    Re: Another Ebay trouble child?

    Just so you guys know, I was the guy who was bidding on the car only to lose to a guy with zero eBay history. I thought the Judson might be interesting to play around with and I wanted a car to drive...
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