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  1. For Sale Re: RARE FIND BN2-BT7 and? Trans Parts for Sale

    I am having some trouble viewing your message. Can email me @

    Scott Meriwether
    702 460 5572
  2. For Sale RARE FIND BN2-BT7 and? Trans Parts for Sale

    NOS! Transmission parts.
    all three shift forks. 1-2, 3-4, and reverse. Layshafts and more.
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    For Sale AH 3000 Motor Mounts

    I have a set of motor mounts, Steel parts, [not rubber damper parts] Very good, if not excellent condition. Not bent or banged up.52693
    $150 plus shipping to your locale!
    Thanks for looking!
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    Wanted Re: WTB BT7 top frame

    Hi, Scott here in Vegas.
    Did you get any responses for BT7 top? I am also looking for a useable frame.
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    Re: Radiator Air Flow

    The best solution we have found up here in the high desert. Is to install pusher electric fan in front of radiator, and add a 15 inch stainless steel 5 blade fan. /And space it as close as you dare...
  6. 1962 BT7 transmission shift rail bumber in bell housing

    Hi all! I am a new member, restoring a [or trying to] 62 BT7.
    As I peel back the layers that have been left for me, I discover many issues of improper reassembly from previous mechanics. And I use...
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