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    Re: Moss Supplemental Heat Shield

    Hi Bryan,

    I recently installed a new exhaust system, I also installed both the heat shield that goes above the mufflers, and the one that goes behind the down pipes on the lower fire wall. Yes,...
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    Re: BJ8 wiring diagram in ladder logic

    Very nice work Bill!! Please send me a .pdf

    '67 BJ8, '69 Volvo 1800S
    Portland, OR
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    Re: HD8 Carburetor rebuild help

    I realize Iím jumping in late...nonetheless I can highly recommend Rhys Kent (Island Automotion Ltd). He has done wonderful SU rebuilds for me. You can find him on the web.

    í67 BJ8...
  4. Re: How to Remove the Exhaust Manifold?? (late BJ8)

    I did indeed buy the MOSS SS offering...having no experience w/it, i was a bit dubious. So, i'm relieved and pleased to hear that it is working well for you.

    Dougie, great to hear from someone in...
  5. Re: How to Remove the Exhaust Manifold?? (late BJ8)

    Just to close out this thread...After grinding down a couple of wrenches, and a busting a knuckle or 2, I'm pleased to report that the exhaust manifolds have successfully been removed. They're off to...
  6. Re: How to Remove the Exhaust Manifold?? (late BJ8)

    Super! Thanks for the pics Steve. I'm off to the grinder:-)
  7. Re: How to Remove the Exhaust Manifold?? (late BJ8)

    ...and yes, the engine is in the car...and its gonna stay there!! ;-)
  8. Re: How to Remove the Exhaust Manifold?? (late BJ8)

    Thanks guys, very helpful :-). I do have the manual published by Bentley, pictured above. I have a half height lift so hopefully that will make things a bit easier.

    So I'm assuming the carbs and...
  9. How to Remove the Exhaust Manifold?? (late BJ8)

    Hi All - I'm a new owner of a late BJ8, and new to the forum. Can someone please post the order of operations for removal of the exhaust manifold. Gaining access to the fasteners, especially the ones...
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    New Member Here...

    Hey all, new member here, and new owner of a 1967 BJ8. Still on my honeymoon w/it and ready to learn all i can. My 1st project is replacement of the exhaust system w/a shiny new stainless steel one....
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