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    Hello from NEO Ohio

    My first car was a 68 GT6. Bought it as a senior in high school. Payments were $78.00 a month. Loved the car. Funny I don't remember ever having problems

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    Re: TR4 Dove

    Glad I could help

    RJCOX Today, 01:48 PM Go to last post
    Martin Secrest

    Re: Sad news about Randall

    When I got into the Triumphs hobby and bought a Spitfire in 1998, Randall was active on the Triumphs listserve and providing great advice. I think he

    Martin Secrest Today, 01:46 PM Go to last post

    Re: Welding hoods.

    I've made somewhat of a collection of these over the years. Two from Eastwood and at least 3 from HF. The latest is the Arcsafe top of their line from

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    Re: Sad news about Randall

    Many thanks, Mike. Nice job and a nice tribute to Randall.

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    Radiator drain

    Hello all,

    New member here...

    I'm working to get my 57 TR3 back on the road after sitting for 23 years. Last night I went to drain the radiator (in car) and remove the drain petcock which was...

    Snigolet Yesterday 10:39 AM
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