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    Re: Finally - a conversation without an accent!

    Thai, Lao and Cambodge are so regionally isolated the different dialects will make your head spin. Along with that, the language is tonal, so that adds

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    Re: Kickin' an' screamin'...

    HUSH!!! She still doesn't know fer sure.

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    Re: How many hands?

    That's interesting. Finding "small treasures" is always fun. Neat that you've added one to the key fob, too.

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    Re: Ram a lamb a ding dong

    Yes. East of Cleveland and just west of Ashtabula. A summer resort town.


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    Don Riicardo

    Re: Hello from Spain

    Hi David,
    Almost all parts are available from the UK, new parts / re manufactured parts are available from 2 main sources, also there is a fairly

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    I am looking into getting two Triumph GT 6's one is a SCCA rated car and the other is a motor less parts car. Any thoughts. Madflyer

    Madflyer 10-25-2020 03:58 PM
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