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    Re: Getting even in parking lots...

    As a teenager, I lived near the water. New Yorkers used to come up, park and use the small beach at the end of the road. They also left debris, defecated

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    Re: Keep or Lose the Spare?

    All I know is at my age, I need to roll it on a floor jack to lift it onto the hub.

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    Re: New front shocks & air in clutch

    That's how I intend to install the replacement - bleed nipple up.
    There may be a problem with the clutch pedal itself - perhaps the pivot point

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    Re: Redline MTL or equivalent?

    My Bentley manual for the 100/6 & 3000 specifies 30w oil for the transmission.

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    Re: Redline MTL or equivalent?

    I donít know of any original Healey transmission that 20/50w oil was specified for. But some other little british cars did specify it, as an example

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    Curt Johnson

    Healey restoration

    Looking for someone to restore my A-H 3000. I believe there is a well-regarded shop in Paso Robles (or somewhere near there). Can someone give me the name, address, phone number?

    Curt Johnson 06-18-2020 12:36 PM
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