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    Re: Starting

    Yes I changed the needle valve to the ball type valve the ones in there were the straight needle that seemed to be sticking. I did set the float around

    sundown Today, 04:12 PM Go to last post

    Re: Filling Steering Gearbox with Castrol Hypoy Process

    You can get a syringe or suction gun (Amazon) with a hose which will reach the bottom of the box.

    Turn the steering wheel to left lock;

    steveg Today, 04:01 PM Go to last post

    Re: Starting

    I remember you asking about the float height so if you did do any carb work, did any of it involved changing the needle height in the air valve ?

    poolboy Today, 03:57 PM Go to last post

    Re: Master cylinder packing pieces (shims)

    So... adding the shim drops the pedal, right?

    Lin Today, 03:53 PM Go to last post

    Re: Starting

    I checked for spark had spark it actually caught and ran for a bit then stalled. I pulled a plug and didn't see any gas on it.

    sundown Today, 03:52 PM Go to last post
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