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Team healey - pdx

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Hello -

I decided to create this blog chronicle my vintage racing efforts with my 1957 AH 100-6 MM, including preparation, maintenance and race day action. My hope is to inspire those who might be dreaming of getting behind the wheel on the track in the most beautiful sports car ever made. It's not as difficult as one might think. If you can dream it, you can do it, I did......

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  1. dougie's Avatar
    Good question, if the tank is out of the car you should be able to look through the opening for the send unit with a flash light to better identify the hose and pitch-up tube. I do know there should not be any loose material in the tank. My guess is that it fell in some time in the past.
  2. climbingshuksan's Avatar
    I flipped the tank and got ahold of the plastic tubing. It was not attached to anything and came out easily. I think it was something accidentally dropped into the tank when someone was trying to siphon the tank. I saw a fuel pick-up tube from a gas tank sckematic that went directly vertical to the bottom of the tank. It make sense for the tank to have a good metal tube going directly to the bottom.
  3. dougie's Avatar
    SOVREN's Spokane Festival of Speed occurred this past weekend in Spokane, WA. I arrived early for the Friday Test 'n tune to get aquatinted with the track. The weather weather was good Fri/Sat, but on Sunday things changed and the rain came in, so we packed-up. Our Saturday feature race was cut short when 4 of the formula V's collected each other at the start of the race in our split grid race.
  4. dougie's Avatar
    The weekend races were cut short due to thunder showers that rolled in Sunday morning. I was only able put together a short 1 lap video due to a bad crash with the FV's in our split grid race.

  5. dougie's Avatar
    Portland Historic Races took place this past weekend at PIR. The 90+ weather made it hard on both car and driver.
    Here's how the Sunday feature race looked:
  6. climbingshuksan's Avatar
    super images! Love the angle with the camera outside, a perfect set up, couldn't be better. No noise problem - how did you reduce wind noise? Got to get those extra cameras Dougie - mortgage the house. Would be so cool to see the tach and speedometer. My car is coming along. Your racing is inspiring, might be just the thing for my 63.
  7. dougie's Avatar
    The Rolex Monterey event was awesome, great track, great competitors, and great weather. For my first time out on the historic Laguna Seca track, the car felt great. The feature race was a little bit of a let down after qualify 14th out of 39, I lost 3rd gear a lap into the race and had to pull out.

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