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Well, another Christmas has come and gone. Yesterday was Christmas and we had the whole clan over. The son's and daughter-in-law came out Christmas Eve and spent the night so we could all get up early and open presents! I already knew what my "main" present was - a Canon 7D. My wife agreed to let me buy it early with the provision that I would let her wrap it and put it under the tree. I also got a couple of nice Hawaiian shirts from my SIL who just got back from Oahu. Mary and I got a "joint" gift of a Keurig single cup coffee maker. Wow, where has this thing been all my life!?

Christmas day we were treated to a nice buck who visited our yard and came right up to the house! (click the thumb nail for larger image)

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(More Buck pictures posted in our "Photo Bug" group (look under "Community" when on the main forum page to access "Groups.")

It was a great Christmas and I really needed a couple days off from the work grind!

Hard to believe that Christmas day marked 12 years BCF has been on line!

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  1. PAUL161's Avatar
    Time surely flies. It's hard for me think that, I believe, it was in 05 when I signed on. Seems like it might have only been a year or so ago. Met some nice people because of this site. I thank you for that! Also, very appreciative of your determination to keep this site going, has become almost like family. Hope you have a Happy and Prosperous 2013. PJ
  2. Basil's Avatar
    If it's hard for you to think about signing on in 05, imagine my bemusement when I think that I started this place in 2000! No idea when I went live where it would lead. Thanks for the nice comments!