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I am looking into getting two Triumph GT 6's one is a SCCA rated car and the other is a motor less parts car. Any thoughts. Madflyer

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  1. Bob Claffie's Avatar
    Why a coupe in the middle of the desert ?
  2. Madflyer's Avatar
    Good question when people think desert it is high desert 5,000 feet so hot in daylight and can drop 40 to 50 deg at night and in Reno it has a history of snow in every month of the year. One club ride into California we started with a temp of 62 deg. went the back roads to Truckee CA in rain snow over MT Rose in to Reno at 85 deg. My TR 6 never has the top up heater works well and at 65 MPH plus say dry any way. These may just be a flip still thinking. Madflyer