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I'm new.

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Ditto, Paul. Welcome from Sydney - not to be confused with Halifax NS which is 16,809 km North East. Iíve twice bought cars completely in pieces: an SP250 (didnít put it together, the ďone night stand that went awfully wrongĒ just couldnít love itís ugly face!), and a XK 150 (didnít put it together, lost workshop when Father passed away) and one motorbike; a Vincent Black Shadow. (Imported from England, put completely together: my best restoration ever - bought for (AUD) $7000, finished for $12,000, sold to buy family car for $22,500, (1995) saw one sold this year for $800,000!!). However, Iíve also taken two cars completely to pieces and put them back together: a TR2 and a Daimler 2.5 V8. But now, without workshop and getting on, buy them complete and tinker; my XK 120, (2006-2013), Jaguar 340 (2013-2019) and now my Austin Healey 3000 (2019 to ??). As you can see, Iíve been a Jaguar man most of my car life, and am feeling a bit of a cad and deserter! But intend to return to the fold when SWMBO lets me buy a Mkii.
Suggest 123 Ignition built into Lucas distributor from (Hebels) - makes the six sing! And Dynalite (RAC006 I think) Lucas Dynamo look alike alternator If you havenít already. Rob.

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