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Radiator drain

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Hello all,

New member here...

I'm working to get my 57 TR3 back on the road after sitting for 23 years. Last night I went to drain the radiator (in car) and remove the drain petcock which was stuck, so I could clean and restore it. It twisted off but instead of unscrewing, it brought with it what looks like about a 3/4" soldered fitting. Did I just ruin my radiator?

I'd post a pic but cant figure out how to do that... so second question is how can I attach an image. I click on the "insert image" icon and it asks for a url rather than a file name.

Thanks for any insight.


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  1. Madflyer's Avatar
    After 23 years you should have a RAD shop check it any way and they can fix drain too. The last thing you want is to get it running and then overheat it on your first test run. As for the pic. I have not been able to do that either. BCF support will help you. Madflyer
  2. Snigolet's Avatar
    Got it figured out. It's a simple soldered fitting. A little flux, solder and heat and I think it's fixed. Going to do a pressure test next.