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New member from california. Bring back the herald

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I am pursuing the creation of a sixties Triumph Herald. Nearly unknown in the USA.. I had one here in the late 60s. Loved the car handling and packaging. Hated very poor British parts quality and design lousy service and support which killed off the at one time very popular British car market in the USA.
My resurrected one will contain custom wiring and near total elimination of English electricals. ( hated Lucas..bad in 60s..bad now..My 60s Mercedes and VWs had quality Bosch parts..).. It will look original. But be 100% reliable and durable. And not cost a fortune to do this. It will operate well in 100 degree F heat and hot and humid traffic as in LA..and start right up at 0 degrees F. in the Rockies. Cheap American compact cars could do this in the 60s..Ford Falcon for example. Spitfires..and Heralds and TRs could not. and neither could As and Spridgets. Lucas points burned up fast, American GM Chevy points didn't. All this will be corrected with many still great American car parts available. Such as US made high performance electric fuel pumps..radiators..alternators. It will be a fun voyage. Rule Britannia !!

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  1. Stevec9000's Avatar
    My dad brought a new Herald home that he bought at Ken Keagans in Los Gatos in about 1965. Black color with red interior. It was the most extravagant thing he ever did!
  2. RobXK120's Avatar
    Well, of course you know Lucas decided to diversify into Vacuum Cleaners. It was the only product they made that didn't suck!!
  3. RobXK120's Avatar
    Quite popular in Australia. The coupé top simply unbolted to create the open car, as my brother and his mate did. The whole of British Industry just didn't realise that the World had realised you could produce a reliable well made car for for the same money as the British - even when it was based on British design! (see "Datsun")