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Good morning all as a new member yesterday I found BCF quite good and as a long time TR owner, I still learn more each day and yesterday a great day for sure. I added my inputs to a number of post that I hope would help new TR owners. The reason I joined BCF was to tell about a wish I have had for many years. Adding a Backlight to my 1973 TR6. If you do not know what the heck is a backlight either did I, I called them Surry tops as seen on a few TR 4's. I live in Reno area of Nevada. My hard top was a pain, my soft top always a fight when cold. My answer could be the Backlight that I have ordered from the UK to arrive this month ( not cheap ) by any count. If you ask why this top well on a normal trip say around Lake Tahoe. A drive can start you at 60 deg. go over 9,000 feet to rain and or snow and return to Reno at 80 deg. A Backlight is a rear glass window and frame that leaves a space for a soft panel and frame or a hard top. They come two ways one frame and glass or as they call them ROB or roll over bar incorporated. I will now have much more space as no folding top and removal of my roll bar. Stay tuned for up dates. Madflyer

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