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MGB wire wheel problems

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I am having problems keeping the wire wheels on my MGB tight. They loosen up and make a noise that sounds like a bad universal joint. I can tighten them to make the noise go away, but they become loose and the noise returns. Please advise me on how to fix this.

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  1. Mickey Richaud's Avatar
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid there's not much you can do other than replace them... and maybe the hubs as well. Take a look here:

    And here:
  2. Mickey Richaud's Avatar
    I'll also mention that you'll get more responses to your questions if you post in the appropriate forum - in this case, the MG side.

  3. BritCars4KGM's Avatar
    Regretfully, I must concur with Mickey. If either the hub or the wheel splines are damaged when mated the end result will be that both are damaged and tightening the two together will be virtually impossible. Moss has an article titled "Balancing Center Lock Wire Wheel Brakes" that talks to "Check the Splines" that I would suggest you reivew and perform on you vehicle. Here is the link: