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DLOC-NA Presidents Letter from Newsletter

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Hello Friends'
I hope you are all well and enjoying the Summer weather. I was hoping very much to attend our rally last
week, but life got in the way . I spoke with George Bennett last week and he filled me in as to what a great time
was had by all those who attended. The General Motors Museum, The mansion tour and the show at Port Perry
were all a special treat for our group. Thank you Brenda Sisnett for organizing such a great weekend.

I had an interesting Daimler sighting a couple of weeks ago. I was driving from work and spotted a Red SP -
250 about 1/4 mile away. Since there are no known others in my area my first assumption was that mine had
been stolen, it looked at that distance identical in every detail. The chase was on! I finally caught up with the car
a couple of exits down the highway. I was stunned and happy that it was not mine! The owner pulled into a fast
food lot and we exchanged stories. He was wondering why the lunatic in the Chevy Aveo was chasing him. As it
turns out the car had been in storage for a few years and the present owner inherited it when his uncle passed
away. I am hoping we have a new member soon!. My car is still sleeping under its cover safe and sound!
Until next time friends be well!
Best regards,
Bob Santoro


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